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Our Staff

All of our instructors are professionals who have been trained to offer the highest quality instruction. Every member of our teaching staff is approachable, caring, and possess a true love for sharing their knowledge of the martial arts just like our GRAND Master Bruce Lee. After taking just a few lessons, you will see why Gage Kwon Do is New Orleans choice for martial arts.

Master Gage

Gage Walter  Black Belt (Instructor / Founder)
Instructor GAGE WALTER our founder an experienced teacher in Gage Kwon Do. He is well known for motivating students to do their best and help those who have a hard time on their techniques. He always tries to bring the best out of the students. We are glad he is part of our GKD family.

Michael Walter  Black Belt (Instructor)
Having started at a young age in the world of martial arts, Instructor Walter has many experiences in Gage Kwon Do He is well known for sharing some of the several self-defense techniques to others in a safe environment. He is a well rounded knowledgeable Instructor and tries to bring out the very best from each student. We are glad he is part of our GKD family.

Amanda Walter  Black Belt (Accounting and Book keeping)
Amanda has been an important asset to the GKD family. She constantly works hard behind the scenes and keeps our business in check. We're glad she is with us. Where does she find the time to train.

For more information about Gage Kwon Do Martial Arts staff or training programs, please contact us at 504-885-4321.