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About Gage Kwon Do

Gage Kwon Do is a martial arts dojo dedicated to the practice and expression of Gage Kwon Do. We've been guiding motivated and open-minded people of all ages since 1970.
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Our mission:

  1. Make Gage Kwon Do accessible, practical, and meaningful.
  2. Help people find their own "effective flow" on and off the training mat.
  3. Make martial arts practice a life-affirming experience.

Unlike typical martial arts schools that may motivate through fear, Gage Kwon Do is framed in qualities like inclusion and discovery.

Gage Kwon Do is a martial art that combines a vast array of techniques with principles of body, mind, and spirit to help us meet conflict and life with more freedom and integrity. Gage Kwon Do is a modern evolution of traditional Japanese martial arts and translates as “The way of unifying with life energy.”

Benefits of Training

You'll practice getting centered, blending with the energy of attack, and redirecting it in dynamic, graceful, and effective ways. Gage Kwon Do is a complete path of personal mastery, and way to explore the creative flow of response to conditions that are always changing.



IconBeginner Program:

People start training Martial arts for many different reasons: health and fitness, fun, self-defense, confidence, competition, or maybe just for a hobby! No matter your reasons Gage Kwon Do is a great place to accomplish your goals. Men and women, children, families, and friends find a home with Gage Kwon Do.

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IconJunior/Little Ninja Programs: (3,4, & 5 Year olds)

Would you liked to see your children be confident, healthy, and respectful with a lifelong love of learning? Then Gage Kwon Do is the place for your kid to learn skills for life! Both the Junior and Little Ninja Programs take a two prong approach to developing skills for children: Martial Arts and Personal Development.

Gage Kwon Do Junior Programs focus on technique rather than size, encouraging self-defense without anger. Children build valuable motor skills and are confident in their ability. Our Junior/Little Ninja Programs build balance, coordination, and good conditioning.

We also put an emphasis on the personal development of our Junior/Little Ninja Programs-on the mat and off. We encourage the values of honesty, integrity, and good citizenship while focusing on self-confidence, goal setting and achievement and using good judgment.

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Our Studio

Gage Kwon Do Dojo

We invite you to come and visit our facility located at 1234 Veterans Blvd., Metairie, LA. and consider enrolling. You can also reach us through Direct E-Mail or our Contact Form. You can also call us at: 504-885-4321.

Thank You for Visiting Us Online

Thank you for visiting our website, we hope that we have provided you with enough information to help you in your search for a Martial Arts training facility. We hope to meet you in the near future. COME SEE WHY WE'RE DIFFERENT! Look at our Testimonials.