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These lengths are available for order:

Length Price
36 Inches $70.00
42 Inches $75.00
48 Inches $80.00
54 Inches $85.00
60 Inches $90.00
66 Inches $95.00
72 Inches $100.00


This Week's Featured Catalog Item.

Walking StickLet’s go for a hike! These sturdy walking sticks provide stability and balance for hikers of all ages. We have a limited selection available in several different hardwoods: red oak, white oak, ash, hickory, and walnut. Our one-of-a-kind hand-turned walking sticks are made by skilled craftsmen in Newton County, Arkansas. They have a leather wrist loop for extra security when hiking. A black rubber tip provides extra traction on slippery or uneven surfaces. See the lengths and prices listed on the left.

Special Shipping Offer

Order two or more walking sticks this week and your shipping is free. Enter the code twosticks when you check out to receive free shipping.